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Scallywags Long Day Care and Preschool has been offering quality care services since 1986 and has recently been renovated into the new Bathurst Regional Council Children’s Services building.

The centre is centrally located in the heart of Bathurst, behind the ambulance station, with a view of Haymarket Reserve.

The centre is open from 8:00am until 6:00pm weekdays and caters for 60 children each day.

Scallywags follow an emergent curriculum and learning experiences are driven and inspired by the children’s interests, in connection with the EYLF and National Quality Framework.  The goal of our curriculum is for children to develop their creativity, imagination, resourcefulness and persistence through negotiation, turn taking and social interactions.

Our qualified educators use their diverse knowledge and years of experience to promote and support children’s learning and build partnerships with families that allow for a community approach to children’s education.

Grevillea Room

The Grevillea Room is staffed by four educators with a 1:4 ratio of Children to Educators.

The educators will support families and children in the transition to care, in developing good routines and building supportive partnerships. The program focuses on building and encouraging connection, confidence and curiosity in the children, by providing engaging, stimulating and safe environments.

Lomandra Room

The Lomandra Room is staffed by four educators with a 1:5 ratio of Children to Educators.

The educational program focuses on the developing autonomy and social skills of the children.  Play-based activities which include music, movement and construction games allow for opportunities for sharing and learning together. 

Acacia Room

The Acacia Room is staffed by two educators with a 1:10 ratio of Children to Educators.

The educational program will be driven by the children’s interests, with a focus on developing the skill needed for preparation for the Preschool Program. Children will be supported as they continue to develop and refine their social understandings and begin to explore more complex play styles. Early literacy, STEM and Creative arts become more of a focus in this age group.

The Pre School Program

The Preschool program is staffed by two Early Childhood educators with a 1:10 ratio of Children to Educators.

The Preschool program focuses on successful transition to school, through a comprehensive curriculum including, Early Literacy, STEM and Creative Arts. The program also focuses on developing children’s independence, social confidence, wellbeing and self-help skills.


Scallywags provides all meals; morning/afternoon tea, and lunch. Our Centre Cook creates nutritious meals that follows the guidelines for healthy eating and is supported by the messages from Munch and Move. The kitchen is also well equipped to manage food allergies and special dietary needs.


Our curriculum is supported by Storypark. A private online community for our children, families and educators to communicate and collaborate on the programs and learning of the children.

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You can contact Scallywags on (02) 6333 6560 or via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.