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Scallywags FAQ

Scallywags Child Care Centre

34 William Street, Bathurst NSW 2795

Phone: 02 6333 6560

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  • How do I enrol?

    Scallywags is an approved child care service that offers Child Care Benefit to families to assist with the cost of care and complies with the Commonwealth Governments Priority of Access Guidelines.

    Parents interested in enrolling their child need to complete the following steps:

    Parents need to complete a Waiting List/Registration Form, these forms are available by contacting Scallywags in person at 34 William Street, Bathurst, phoning 6333 6560, emailing the centre at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or downloading the Waiting List/Registration Form.

    A copy of the completed Waiting List/Registration Form must be returned to Scallywags with a non refundable deposit of .50 to secure your place on the waiting list.

    The lists are reviewed regularly and parents are contacted as vacancies arise. When a suitable vacancy becomes available, parents are contacted and an enrolment pack is sent to them with further information.

    When the completed enrolment form, birth verification and immunisation statement have been received, your child will be enrolled in the centre. Please note that completed enrolment information MUST be received prior to the child commencing in care.

  • How can I pay my fees?

    Fees are charged at the end of each week, public holidays, absent days and holidays must be paid for. Child Care Benefit (CCB) and Child Care Rebate (CCR) are available. Fees can be paid at the Scallywags office between 8.30am to 2.00pm for EFTPOS & cash payments. Fees can also be paid by direct debit or internet banking.

    Fees should be paid a week in advance and the centre reserves the right to terminate a child's enrolment in the event of outstanding unpaid fees.

  • Can I come and have a look through the centre?

    Families are invited for one or more orientation visits prior to commencing care. During the orientation visit, families will be provided with a tour, introduced to staff and given information regarding routines, collection requirements and the attendance register.

  • How can I help my child settle in to care?

    The Eduators at Scallywags are happy to assist you settle your child and have a number of strategies in place to assist you. Please feel free to phone at any time of day to see how your child has settled in.

  • What do I need to bring?


    • Spare clothes which covers your shoulders for sun safety
    • Sun hat with a brim (available at centre)
    • Water bottle
    • Jumper or coat
    • 4 - 5 Disposable nappies (if required)
    • Changes of underwear especially if toilet training
    • Bottles & formula
    • Set of cot size sheets for rest time (not required for babies in the nursery) in a named bag of pillow case. Some children also bring a small cot size pillow or cushion.
    • All belongings should be labelled.

  • Do I have to provide meals and snacks for my child?

    The centre provides all food and drink to the children throughout the day, with the exception of bottles for babies. The menu is written on the board outside the kitchen and on the whiteboard near the front door. Meals are planned in advance in accordance with the guidelines and recommendations set down by the Department of Health, and with input from the families and children.

    Lunch consists of a hot main meal, occasionally with a salad or sandwich day for a change. A variety of dishes are provided, incorporating red or white meat, fish or egg dishes, vegetarian, with a variety of fresh vegetables. Dessert generally consists of fruit and or a milk based pudding. Lunch is always accompanied by water. Fruit and vegetables from the garden are used in the meals.

    Children are provided with a selection of seasonal fruits for morning and afternoon tea with milk or water to drink. Afternoon tea also includes sandwiches, scones, cheese and biscuits or tea cake.

    The centre aims to provide attractive, nutritious and well balanced meals and encourages the children to try all foods, however they will never force a child to eat and will offer them an alternative.

    Children are encouraged to bring their own water bottle, so they can recognise it and have ready access to water at all times.

  • How will my baby's needs be met?

    Parents are encouraged to discuss with Educators new foods they may be introducing. Parents who are breast feeding are welcome to come to the Centre at any time to feed and can be phoned when their baby wakes. Babies on formula will need to bring clearly labelled bottles either made up or with the appropriate formula and placed in the fridge in the nursery.

    The Centre caters for children with special dietary requirements, any allergies or food intolerances should be indicated on the enrolment form. The Centre is NUT FREE environment.

  • Does the Centre celebrate birthdays?

    We are happy to bake cupcakes for your child's birthday, please allow two days notice. Please feel welcome to bring a birthday cake for your child to share, a list of ingredients must accompany a cake. Please also ensure that there are No Nuts or nut products in the cake.

  • Does the centre have rest time?

    Quiet time for all children is part of the daily program. Children are provided with the opportunity to ‘rest’ quietly for a period after lunch, to rejuvenate, and prepare for the afternoon activities. Children who no longer sleep are asked to rest and will then be provided with quiet activities, listening to music and stories, or reading. Some parents request their child only sleeps for short time periods, these children will be woken after the agreed time.

    The sleep patterns of the babies is individualised and will depend on the information provided by the families and on the educators observed needs of the individual. Babies will be given opportunities to sleep when they need to.

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