Family Day Care Testimonial

 lyn and LilyLyn and Lily

As a first time Mum, the thought of putting my precious little girl into day care was a daunting one. I remember thinking, "How am I going to find someone who will give her the love, care and attention that I do? Someone who is kind but firm; someone who encourages my daughter to learn and fosters her development; and someone who can do all of this in a safe and nurturing environment?" I knew it was a lot to ask.

When I first met Lyn Fitch, I couldn't believe that I had found someone who was everything I had hoped for. It was evident that Lyn was passionate about her work and was extremely dedicated to the children in her care. The very first time I left Lily in Lyn's care, I was in tears. I was so grateful to Lyn for her messages throughout the day, reassuring me that Lily had settled in well and I had nothing to fret about. In fact, Lily did not want to leave Lyn's when I arrived to collect her!

I experienced so much joy reading through Lily's daily activities which Lyn documented and sent home each day. Lily just thrived on everything Lyn offered - painting, dress-ups, dancing, art and craft, water play, outside play, reading, singing... something different every day! It was clear that Lily was experiencing wonderful opportunities in Lyn's care.    

Lily is always so excited when we pull up at Lyn's and obviously has a special bond with her. I am so very grateful that Lily is in the care of such a competent, dedicated, and nurturing educator. I can't thank Lyn enough for the significant role she plays in the care and development of our daughter.  

Melinda Burke
Family Day Care Parent   Kerry and ZacharyKerry and Zachary

My son Zachary has been going to Family Day Care for nearly 2 years now. His Educator, Kerry Kent has offered Zac the comforts of being in a home environment which was very important to me. Zac wasn't ready for any other type of care when I returned to work.

Kerry has a wealth of experience as an Educator, giving Zac the emotional support he needs. Zac has become a confident little boy and loves going to Kerry's house. He enjoys his time with her, she offers lots of different activities from drawing, arts and crafts and playing in her garden, Zac also enjoys the interaction with the other 3 children.

Family Day Care is a great option for childcare. I would recommend Family Day Care to any family needing childcare. Family Day Care provides a home from home experience and makes the transition easier for children and parents.

Caroline Knight
Family Day Care Parent

Karen and BrookeKaren and BrookeMy daughter has been registered with Bathurst Family Day Care for 4 years and in particular with Registered Educator Karen Burgoyne since January 2013.

As a working mother, and with all the guilt that entails at times, Bathurst Family Day Care is my preferred choice for her care.

I think the most important thing for a mum, is knowing their child is being well looked after, and is happy during the day, while they are at work.

With Family Day Care, I can also be assured that the activities provided for her throughout the day, are catering to her learning and development.

The term "Family Day Care mum", really needs to be changed to "Educator". Every week I am impressed with the activities the children participate in, and all the new things Brooke has learnt.

While the Educator is limited to 4 spaces only, the children regularly meet up with other educators, or attend play groups in the wider community, and this provides the children with experience in socialising with a bigger group of children. This is important for them when they are getting near school age.

I really want to acknowledge the level of commitment Karen Burgoyne has for the children in her day-care group.

We are aware of all the late nights and early mornings that she puts in for special days like the children's birthdays, and other special days.

I love that when I drop Brooke to Karen's, she is out of the car and in the door before I get a chance to un-do my seat belt. Often she is straight in and too busy doing one of the many interesting activities to give me a kiss goodbye, and I am fine with that. I can head off to work, happily knowing she is going to have a great day.

Louise Marston
Bathurst Family Day Care Parent